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How Tonkatsu Ruined My Taste Buds Forever

Have you ever been so happy and so angry at the same time? Happy because you just had the most amazing food, but pissed because you know that now that dish has been ruined for the rest of your life? It's hard to have had the best. 
 Story of my life... especially at Tonkichi in Causeway Bay in Hong Kong, which has the best tonkatsu. I eat katsu a lot, but my aunt called and convinced me to give this place a try. What was encouraging was that the restaurant was booked for dinner for the next week. Luckily, they had an opening for a late lunch appointment. 
 Our view outside. Nice! I also liked how we had a little booth to ourselves. 

  The sesame seeds in Tonkichi smell amazing. You get a small grinding pot, there was two different utensils - one for you to grind the sesame, the other for you to mix the Tonkatsu sauce in. In the condiment set, there was also two salad dressings - Pomelo or Sesame dressing for the shredded lettuce.
I love it. It' s like arts and crafts class. Making your own sauce for your salad. Crush the sesame seeds and add any sauce or sauces from the row of condiments on the table. 
 So if you don't know what katsu is, it's basically a breaded, deep-fried pork cutlet. It's usually served with shredded cabbage and miso soup. You can choose pork fillet, pork loin, chicken, prawn and other meats. The loin was much more tender and juicer than the pork cutlet. The pork cutlet was more lean though.
So what made katsu from here so damn good? The skin!!!!!!!!!!!! The breaded layer was not oily or dry. It was moist and melted in your mouth. The best katsu ever. I will never be able to eat fried foods the same again. 
The deep-fried breaded prawns. 
 Japanese curry for our rice! 
And if you are avid readers of my blog, you know that I love Japanese steamed egg. I was so full but I just had to get it! 

Check it out at: Shop 412, Podium 4, World Trade Centre, 280 Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay. 

The breaded skin will change your life!!!

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