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Hong Kong Winter

Besides from the food, this is the best part of HK. That's a worker up on bamboo fixing a sign. 

One of my first stops in HK was Chee Kay in CB. It has a Michelin star so everyone and their mother goes there but it's one of the smallest shops ever. Also minus 2 stars because service has actually gotten worse here. You sit with random people because the place is so small, which is fine since that's HK fast food style but they know have employed a bunch of Mainland Chinese workers who are only in charge of pouring tea. When you ask to get your order taken, they just ignore you. After careful examination, you realize that the tea people and the ordering people wear different outfits, but of course you have to figure this all out yourself. The tea people are seriously rude. Hmph!

 Here's my order of expensive wonton. I saw expensive just because this place has 2 types of wontons. One is the cheaper kind where the middle is just mashed up everything and the above kind in which every dumpling has a mini shrimp inside. 
 Fried fish balls. They taste better than the name sounds. 
 And my favorite mini crab porridge. 
Of course after we left the place since we were booted out for the next people, my nose smelled chestnuts and yams in the air. Yes, my nose actually picks that smell up. 
 But instead of buying that, I opted for quail eggs. A big dose of cholesterol in every bite but so so good! I will die happy! 

Happy Eatings! 

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