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I Have a Sweet Tooth

I have a problem when I eat with my mom. Her parenting has taught me that you can skip out on meals each day and just eat at 5 different dessert shops to supplement it all. Yeah we're not very healthy, but come on, desserts are so good! I'd eat dessert for breakfast if I could. Well... I have and so so a lot. 

 This is made fresh everyday! Are you drooling yet?
  Juchheim is a pastry store with an amazing story. So long story short, the man surnamed Juchheim was from Germany and ended up in China during the First World War when the Japanese Army occupied Chinese territory.  Juchheim was taken by force to Japan where he then set up this amazing shop. Full story here!

Look at the packaging! Love Japanese things! 
 Here's the baker at the location in Sogo in Causeway Bay where there is a shop. The cakes are baked at each location daily! Keep in mind this is a very small kiosk shop. 
 Oh my goodness! How good did this taste? Very!!! It was like an amazing, gooey sponge cake! They don't add any additives to their cakes, which makes it that much tastier and well healthier? Don't mind me- I'm trying to justify eating cake and desserts for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 
 Next up on the list is Passion. They are a new pastry shop that just opened in Hong Kong that brought over their chefs from Switzerland. 
 raspberry flavor 
 Green tea and raspberry in the back
 Lemon, chocolate, blueberry

Yum! Could you eat dessert for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Happy Eatings!


Sichuan Beauty