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Last Singapore Post!

Unfortunately, our trip in Singapore was coming to an end. We opted to spend out last few hours at Isethan at their food court. Food courts are THE place to go in Singapore. It's quite awesome. 
Fried Chicken Wings. They were just sitting in a machine going round and round. I knew I had to get some! Instead of lemon, they gave us calamasi instead.
Mee Siam. Yummy. Pho what? This way way better!
My mother's family favorite-bok bia aka what I call them "Fujianese tortillas. "
Radish cakes. Yum. This wasn't the kind you find at dim sum places though. In Singapore you pick your sauce white or black. Personally we like the spiciest of the black!
Here we got another order of the Rojak, Malaysian goodness. It was good but unfortunately not as good as the one we had the day before at the Old Airport. 

You'd think I'd be sick of shaved ice by now. Nope....
More soursop juice! At this point, I decided that this was my new favorite fruit. I had to pack in as much as I could before I left.
More dessert please! 

Thank you Singapore. I love you. Please let me come back soon. 
Happy Eatings! 

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