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Singapore Day 2 Part 1

    Singapore Day Number 2! Food, food, food! I love Singapore. If you recall my post about Singapore about a year ago, you'll know that I loved the restaurant Blue Ginger. This time, we got a chance to bring my sister along with us so we definitely need to stop by. 
Here was our shredded bamboo shoots and turnips garnished in pie tee cups. They were just as delicious as they were last time! Yum! Yum! Yum!
This is the  is ong choy and sweet potato cooked in cocounut milk with shrimp and chili paste. 
Calamari aka squid yumminess!
This was our tofu in spicy chili gravy. 
And look at the ladyfingers! yum!
Here is the chendol we spilt-cocounut & jelly shaved ice goodness!
And this baby was mine all mine! This was soursop shaved ice! My sister thinks soursop tastes gross but she is seriously missing out. It looks like a cherimoya but tastes like a citrus heaven!

    At this point, we were full off our butts, but we were so disappointed the day before when we went to to Maxwell Food Court and found that the infamous Tian Tian chicken rice was closed. We knew we had to go back no matter what! So given we were at Blue Ginger, a full 2 streets away, we decided to walk those streets and sit our asses back down and eat again! Hardcore I am. I refused to leave Singapore without a fight. 
And Tian Tian was open! But like all good things... there was a wait. 
I was so close! This guy had no idea how close I came to stabbing him for taking too long! I want my chicken!
As you can see, Anthony Bourdain gave Tian Tian a thumbs up too. 
Ah... finally.... I was full as heck from Blue Ginger already but this was the moment I had been waiting for. Mr. Loi's Hainese Chicken. 
Ah... the rice! Yes...
Chicken Insides is what it was called on the menu and my mom and I love the insides of pretty much anything. 
This sauce seriously made the dish. 
Oh my.. the chicken ended up being so good, we got a second order of it. Actually, I got a 2nd order of it. It was ridiculous. I had never been so full in my life. I just finished Blue Ginger, an order of chicken rice, chicken & chicken insides. I was hurting but I wanted more. I mean, I didn't know how long it would be until we would meet again. 
This must be the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I seriously could have died happy that day.

Thank you Mr. Loi. You were worth coming again the next day. I love you. You have done the Loi family proud. At this point, I went back to our hotel room and moaned and groaned about how full I was and how bad I felt. I eventually went to bed for a few hours before getting up for dinner. We literally did nothing this trip aside from eat. Dinner to come in my next post. 

Happy Eatings!

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