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Singapore Day 1 Part 1

Singapore Day 1 Part 1

I've thought long and hard about how I should blog my latest Singapore trip. There were so many meals I just didn't know what to do with them. Should I do a post of all desserts? of all my favorites? I ended up deciding that the best way would be to re-narrate my trip would be to tell it like it happened. Be prepared... I eat a lot. So much that this dinner post has to be separated into 2 different posts! 
I was hungry as you can see & super excited to be at Makansuta Gluttons Bay. This was the only tourist spot my sister was willing to go to as the food vendors are known for being much more expensive than other food courts.
There's a little over 10 stalls in this mini food court & it's filled with what Singapore is most famous for.
Tourists who aren't in the know like my mom & sister can stare at the colorful pictures & signs written in both English & Chinese.
Yum, yum, yum.
My sister clearly had other plans. She made it a point that we had to eat all of Singapore's most famous eats but we had to eat only the best of the best. This was the only place she made an exception to that rule.
I sat watching our bags while my mom & sister went to order to some food. I got to stare at posters of this amazingness.
Oh yes, I would like some of that!
The stands all pretty much looked like this. Nice & clean in true Singaporean fashion. I didn't mind it but as we all know the direst & most ugliest places have the best food.
I started my meal with some freshly squeezed sugarcane juice mixed with Calamansi. 
Our shrimp with spicy sauce was yummy.
This is my absolute must have in Singapore & Malaysia. I love stingray! The sauce on the fish is already spicy but you need to then dip it in the other spicy sauce. You better like spicy when in Singapore!
Ah, satay! Beef & chicken. The satay here was disappointing. It was dry but I made do since i was hungry. Plus, the sauce is still better than anything you can get in Hong Kong or L.A.. The little white cubes are actually rice!
Radish cake!! Singaporean radish cake beats out Chinese radish cake hardcore. You can choose from white sauce or black sauce. We love the black! More flavor & more spice!
By now, we thought it was time for dessert! This was seriously the best part of dinner! Fried banana fritters. It beats tempura a lot but the kaya fondue was what made the meal! Imagine, the best, sweetest banana you can find fried in amazing, crispy batter & then dipped in the most awesome, hot fondue sauce! Yes!!!!
Cockles! You must be thinking what the heck-I thought you just had dessert! Why yes, I did but then my mom decided to go back to dinner and a main course. Yummy cockles that came right out of the shell dipped in chili sauce. This ain't no Americanized Sriracha sauce. No... this is much better! 
Wow all this food for me? You shouldn't have! Look how small the cockles look! 


At this point, I was already beyond full. I already had my dessert with the fried bananas but I knew I couldn't end a meal without having the signature Singaporean dessert-Ice Kachang.  Aloe vera, attap chee (palm seed), red beanssweet corngrass jelly, condensed milk top it all off for a taste of heaven! I was so full after this! It's huge! I know this picture makes it look small!
But even though we were full, I wanted more of that amazing banananess. I went back to get toast and kaya fondue, which was delicious as well but not as good the banana fondue! Ok... now I was done. 
See how we ate until it turned dark? I'm a happy camper when I'm full. 
Next stop! The amazing Mr. Loi's chicken rice! My sister did her research & found that the BEST hainan chicken rice in Singapore was at Tian Tian in the Maxwell Road Food Court. So even though I was about to explode, I knew I had to ride down and get in line. It was a beautiful day & I had just had an amazing meal.... but then it was closed!!!
What was Mr. Loi thinking? I came all the way from the U.S. and he decided that it was a good day not to wake up at 6AM and start making his chili sauce and rice? The nerve! As you can tell I was pissed... and just very, very sad. 
What was one to do? Sit down & eat again of course. Here's some freshly squeezed sugar cane juice with calamansi & my favorite fruit soursop juice! The fruit looks like a cherimoya but it tastes like a mix between a citrus & coconut! It's so freaking good! Thank you Singapore! 
This is my mom's must have. Bok biah. It's basically a fukienese burrito. It was blah here though. It was much better at another stop we went to after. 
Fruit on a stick? Sounds good! We'll take 2 even though we're super full! 
Ok... seriously I'm about to explode. Okay... maybe just some Mango shaved ice. 
There's more food to come. This was only dinner #1 & #2 of the first day. I'm going to spilt our dessert part of the meal into another post!
Happy Eatings!


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