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Singapore Day 2 Part 2

Singapore Day 2 Part 2


Last we talked, I was feeling like crap after lunch #1 & lunch #2. I had never eaten that much in my life. I was rolling around in my hotel bed trying to not think about food for once. But now that a few hours had passed by, it was dinner time... Kalang Food Court at the Old Airport.

Behold this monstrosity. Rojak, Malaysian goodness! It has fried you tiao (dough fritters), bean curds, boiled potatoes, prawn fritters, hard boiled eggs, bean sprouts, cuttlefish and cucumber mixed with a sweet thick, spicy peanut sauce. Come to momma! The line for this went on and on. Luckily, my sister & mom met a nice local Singaporean that let them cut! Aweome!
Welcome to Chuan Kee with the best satay you'll find! Juicy meat and made fresh right when you order it!
Look at that satay sauce! Yes, yes, yes!
Here was my mom's favorite-mutton soup aka Lamb. Many people don't like the taste of lamb like my sister but I love it!
Here's some fried kway teow.
This Lao fu zi stand did it right!
Here's one dish I don't discriminate against. Black chili stingray. I will eat stingray from anywhere in Malaysia or Singapore. I love the dish so much. I finished this all by myself while my mom and sister looked at me in disgust. Don't forget to sprinkle calamansi on it like you're supposed to!
Oh man... we walked passed this stand and knew we had to have it. They fried those babies on the spot! Can you say tempura banana but way better? If only they had kaya dipping sauce.... It was still delicious!

At this point, I was having trouble walking but that only meant it was time for more shaved ice. Look at them making it!

Yeah baby! I had shaved ice in Singapore about once to twice a day. Its flavor is not like anything else. You gotta come for Singapore for this baby!

At this point, I wanted to fall over. But someone we were sitting next to recommended that we absolutely had to stop by this one wanton stand. Being frequent Hong Kong visitors, my sister and I wanted to laugh at them when they told us we had to try the Singaporean style wonton. Pssh, we thought. Who does wanton better than the Cantonese? But good, god they were right. Amazing! It had no soup so it was dry but the cha siu, the sauce-everything was just right. I'm drooling about it right now. 
Happy Eatings!

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