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No Meat? No Problem!

My family eats vegetarian food fairly often since there's 2 days a month that Buddhists go vegetarian for the entire day so I'm always looking out for good vegetarian places. The best vegetarian restaurants are the ones that I wouldn't mind visiting even when I don't need to be eating vegetarian. Vegelink in North Point is one of those 'private kitchens' in Hong Kong. They make you sign a "membership" card when you eat there. It's free, they just give you a little club card. I presume it's because they registered their restaurant with the government as a private kitchen and not a restaurant so by having membership cards it justifies their cheaper rent. 
 Appetizers are egg rolls and fake pork jerky. 
 So hot that the picture came out blurry! Just the way I like it! 
Here's the mushroom dumpling we ordered. It was very good. The best part was that they had some great spicy sauces and pre-mixed vinegar to dip it in. 
 Tofu skin roll. Inside was an array of mushrooms and carrots that were steamed. 
 Veggie flour roll. 
Emperor's dumpling. This was another tasty veggie dumpling that was really good.

The total came out to $180 HK for the vegetarian dimsum. Vegetarian Taiwanese fusion food. The address is: Shop 108, 1/F, Foo Yet Kall Building, 56 Java Road, North Point


Happy Eatings! 

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