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Hello from Hong Kong! I'm just here for a quick minute, well actually 2 weeks but that is short for me. Time to get onto my eating ventures! Let's give a big welcome to Old Beggar's Kitchen in Causeway Bay that served up some freaking delicious food tonight. It was a a Chinese/Singaporean restaurant and it now has my heart. Yes, it was kind of awesome if you couldn't already tell! 

 Fried pork intestine! My fave! It's hard to find a restaurant that does this without having a strong old oil taste. It's really obvious when restaurants have used old oil to fry their foods. There's a stench and stench is bad especially when it comes to body parts, specifically those inside a pork. Kudos to them!

 Salt & peppered beef tongue dipped with wasabi! Whoot! Yes, please! So so so good! I am so coming here again! 
 Lemon & lime barely water. Sorry I'm not a fan of barley water, but nice to know they have a nice variation of it here. 
 This was my lemon & lime iced tea. This was delicious. Who ever thought of using both lemon and lime deserves a trophy of some sorts! 
 Oooh! Their har lam chicken! Gosh!!!!! So fresh! I've never tasted a chicken so fresh. It screamed hey I just got slaughtered two hours ago! Eat me! The owner told us that the chicken had just arrived 3 hours ago. The chicken and the rice have to be preordered. 
 Wow, this was some good harlam chicken rice. Huge bowl! This was only a half order! Really tasty! 
Spicy salt & peppered shrimp. Even the shrimp tasted extra fresh. This restaurant was so good! Can't wait to come back and try other dishes!

Total came out to over $1,000 HK. Divide by around 7.4 for the US dollars! I will definitely come back!

Happy Eatings!

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