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Bring on Round 3 of Desserts!

Last we met, I was revisiting my day of eating in Singapore. I ate so much in the one day that I had to divide the posts into 2. Here I am inside Takashimaya Mall on Orchard Road. Here's the thing... at this point, I was already exploding from all the previous desserts  I had. I knew, that even though I had kaya (infused with egg, sugar, coconut & pandan flavors) toast already, I wanted more. I also knew that Ya Kun, a chain store in Singapore has decent Kaya toast. I say decent because I've had Ya Kun before & I know that it does not compare to the most amazing Kaya Toast I've ever had which was in Thailand. 

But that's okay. Just ask the person to add double the chunk of butter they usually put in there & I'm good. I paid 30 cents extra for more of that killer butter! 
Look at that closeup of the delicious bread. Yes!
I also didn't forget to grab my another one of my favorite drinks... iced chocolate. They take the equivalent  of Ovaltine or whatever chocolate powder you're used to using & they just pour it over ice. Delicious & unhealthy like raw cookie dough. I love it. And check out the cute little carrying handles. 

And that finally concludes my first half a day in Singapore. Whew... so much more to come. I then went home and slept on the hotel bed groaning in agony that I was too full & blamed it on eating too much. Then again I guess, it was my fault. 

Happy Eatings!
I seriously love Singapore. Why my sister ever wanted to leave her home country is a mystery to me. 

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