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Singapore Days 2 & 3... Time Is Running Out! Eat!!!

Me at Blue Ginger! Very yummy restaurant.

Before we were able to enjoy Blue Ginger (that delicious picture of me above), we had to hang out with family friends that haven't seen us in awhile. They took us to the very snazzy Fullerton Hotel for a all you can eat buffet. Blah... I only took 2 pictures of my meal because I was so bummed that this food was wasting my stomach space. Nothing wrong with the food, it's just that I'd much rather be eating stingray and tiger prawns all day!
At least the hotel had some Chendol dessert.
We then got a tour of Santosa. Santosa used to be super far from the city. You had to take a tram/cable car to get there. Now it's only a 10 minute drive. They built mansions next to the casinos and over water so they'd have more space. Snazzy... but seriously where's the food??? We finally got a chance to go back to our hotel and prepare for our amazing dinner. My mom found Blue Ginger through Chinese Newspapers in Hong Kong that said it was amazing, but a tad expensive. I was super excited.
We stepped into the nice, but super tiny Blue Ginger. All the tables were full. We had to wait a bit, but once we got in... we were presented with this chili and cabbage. There's the little orange thing to squeeze into the chili as well.
Let's start off with my order of fresh Sugarcane Juice mixed with their orange thingys. The official name is calamansi.
Left was our order of stir fried prawns in hot & spicy chili paste and right was our tofu in spicy gravy sauce.
Left was our shredded bamboo shoots and turnips garnished in pie tee cups. Right is ong choy and sweet potato cooked in cocounut milk with shrimp and chili paste. The little tarts melt in your mouth. They were so good!
We were stuffed but wow the dessert menu looked so good! Momma got  the Durian Chendol on the left and I got the Red beans and pandan jelly in coconut milk on the right. After momma finished her shaved ice, she was "curious" on how good my dessert was so she ordered another one for herself. This place was seriously so good! I'm definitely bringing my sister back here next time she goes to Singapore. BOMB! And yes it was a tad pricy. The bill came out to around $55 US for us. 

DAY 3: Schedule-Get the hell up! 
We need to eat before we hop on the plane back to Taipei!!! The food courts didn't open until 10:30 and we had to leave the hotel by 11. 
The mother and I were on a mad dash to eat as much as we could in the little time that we had. Left is the cake menu we got to choose from and right is the blueberry cake we usually buy.
And of course the mother couldn't resist stopping by her Durian stand again for fresh durian pancakes.
I knew I had to try Kaya Toast since I was in Singapore. Too bad I was disappointed. Boo. Til this day the best Kaya Butter Toast I've had was in Thailand. 
Here's my order of pandan cakes. They were smoking hot when I got them! Yum!
And last but not least, momma was still on her journey to try every single bok bia place she could find.

So with that, my trip in Singapore quickly came to an end and we were going back to Taipei, Taiwan for a few more days before returning back to SoCal. Bye bye Singapore! See you soon!
Happy Eatings!

Back To Taiwan. The Best Food is From a Dirty Cart!

Back To Taiwan. The Best Food is From a Dirty Cart!

Bye Bye Taiwan! Hello-Food Court Feasting in Singapore!