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Southwestern Minority Food!!! 西南民族菜

I'm home back in the U.S. of the A!! Super excited! This is the first post I'm actually able to post myself since I'm finally away from the Great Firewall of China and had to have my sister do all my posting. I can finally comment back now! Very exciting!  My 2nd to last meal in Beijing was Southwestern Minority food. I love minorities & I love food. It was the perfect combo. Very, very good! Plus, I've never had 西南民族菜 (Southwestern Minority Food) so it was a great send off meal.

Spicy cold noodles. The best I've ever had!
 Look at all that bone marrow. That meat was amazing. It fell off the bone. The best part of of it was the seasoning. Just that was enough to eat with rice!!!
 This was pork meat with special southwestern chinese seasoning!!!
The most amazing fried fish balls ever! The sauce made it ever better!
This was a plant of some sort. I forgot what it was exactly but it was super good too!

Southwestern Minority food was really good. Only problem was that their seasoning was so good you had to eat it with bowls and bowls of rice!!! It was spicy too!
Happy Eatings!! 

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