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Treat Your Wanderlust with AllSwell Notebooks & a Vacation

Treat Your Wanderlust with AllSwell Notebooks & a Vacation

AllSwell Notebook No.3 Image 2Hello all from Boston! If you've been following me on social media, you know I'm currently in Boston for the next week. I actually just went to New York for the day just to get food. What do you expect from someone who has wanderlust and is a foodie? Today, I wanted to introduce any fellow travelers to a travel journal/notebook perfect for those who want to sit back, disconnect, and really be in the moment during their travels. For those unfamiliar with AllSwell Notebooks, they were made for the traveller inside each of us. AllSwell was originally a passion project launched to encourage creativity by Laura Rubin, the founder and creative director of Left Left Right Consulting. I'm sure many of you will agree with me that there's nothing quite like using a pen and paper and having a physical copy of your thoughts and dreams to look through instead of scrolling through on a screen in this increasing technologically dependent world. Seeing the void in the market, Rubin launched three different limited edition notebooks.AllSwell Notebook No.3 Image 4With Notebook No.3, the company partnered with photo-driven travel journal Tiny Atlas Quarterly and action-sports adventure company Earth Missions to inspire wanderlust by designing two bespoke trips, one to Tahiti and the other to Tofino, British Columbia. The exterior has travel-inspired journal photos taken by TAQ’s founder, and travel photographer, Emily Nathan. The interior covers are filled with  custom illustrations of artist Jimmy Mezei featuring go-to items for travel. You can purchase your very ownNotebook No.3 for your next trip at AllSwellCreative.com.AllSwell Notebook No.3 Image 3

As for the trips, AllSwell collaborated with Tiny Atlas Quarterly and Earth Missions  to create two tailor-made travel experiences. It's open to thrill-seekers everywhere. The adventurers will head to Tofino and Tahiti this fall. Travelers will explore the nature behind the art of Notebook No.3. Each trip correlates to one side of the notebook and incorporates immersive cultural experiences, outdoor activities, and photography workshops. Of course, these trips and activities would be the perfect opportunity to sketch and journal in the Notebook No.3!

Interested in joining these tailor-made trips?

Trip 1: The Ultimate Coastal Adventure in British Columbia

When: October 6-11, 2016

What: A group of up to 40 adventurers will spend five days in Wya Point, Tofino’s coastal rainforest, close to the world-famous Pacific Rim National Park on Vancouver Island. Four experts -- Emily Nathan of TAQ, Laura Rubin of AllSwell, photographer and local legend Jeremy Koreski, and Earth Missions founder and travel expert Tom Werney – will host, providing surf, photography and creativity workshops. This trip requires a wetsuit, hiking boots and lots of film.

Who: Designed for those who love the great outdoors, and snapping wildlife as much as they love surfing, safaris and sunsets. Best suited for travelers willing to don thicker wetsuits to brave the cooler waters of British Columbia.

Trip 2: Island Hopping and Living Local in Tahiti

When: November 9-15, 2016

What: This trip is limited to 12 adventurers, two groups of six, whose time is divided between Tahiti Island and Mo'orea. For three days on Tahiti Island, six travelers will live local in a home-stay escorted by TAQ’s Emily Nathan and AllSwell’s Laura Rubin. Those who surf will find manageable but challenging waves to test their talent during the off-season at Teahupoʻo, the famous point where the best come to compete. For those who don’t, there will be photography and creative workshopping on the agenda. The other group of six will venture to Mo'orea accompanied by Earth Missions’ Tom Werney and local photographer Ben Thourad. Here, visitors can shoot tropical landscapes, explore the reef that’s accessible minutes from the shore, and fit in an adrenaline-pumping surf session. Mid-trip the two groups swap locations to experience the beauty of both islands.

Who: Ideal for surfers and creative adventurers who as are eager to explore the jungle and snap underwater scenes as they are to ride some of the world’s most exciting waves.

For more information on the two Earth Missions adventures or to book a place, visit: http://tinyatlasquarterly.com/events/tahiti-tofino/index.html

To purchase the limited edition AllSwell Notebook No.3, visit http://allswellcreative.com/products/allswell-notebook-3


Treat your wanderlust with AllSwell Notebooks!

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